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First partnership milestone achieved

Projection mapping is an excellent technique for mass events but also for the interactive interior design of spaces. I am pleased to say that Sustaki Solution is working with Jokojo oy to build a system that scales to the international market. All this, of course, taking into account sustainable product development and ethical business.

Sustaki: In the Everyday

Hello world!

Welcome to the Sustaki Solutions home page. Our aim is to develop a company that is socially responsible in promoting the principles of sustainable development and facilitating the interaction between people and technology. 

We are here to help your company make technologically sustainable choices, architectures and productization. Consultation is available for service, product and supply chain development. Sustaki Solutions Ltd. assisted projects can, for example, involve the development of customer-oriented product and service strategies, designing a product architecture and generating prototypes for companies.

Establishment of effective project management methods or reorganization tasks are also covered by our services.

Mission statement: Sustaki Solutions mission is to enhance the relationship between people and technology, and secure sustainable development now and in the future.