Founder Introduction

l am looking for continuous personal improvement and a meaningful professional challenge where I can fully utilize my potential. Sustaki Solutions Ltd is my personal choice.

I have a strong corporation background and have worked in companies with rapid growth but also downfall. I built up several teams and delivered exciting products, but also scaled-down organizations and restructured operations.

After more than 25 years in the corporate world, I decided to jump into the start-up world and continue to expand my skills with health technology studies (Master program in Turku AMK Health Technology Research Laboratory). I just made my exit from my first startup company and I am now looking for opportunities in the technical consultation field (Sustaki Solutions.)

I have a wide technical network and strong contacts with manufacturers in Asia. I can help companies with strategy, scaling technical team(s) up or down, building product architecture(s), finding partner(s) and/or building development processes.

Aki Nummela